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Ruki: it's night, huh.
Ruki: it's late at night but I wanna get a new earring.
Ruki: I want the same 18mm that I have on my right ear, on the left side.

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by lasipalatsi

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sometimes i think about gay sex in the middle of conversations

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for istishia

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I miss those times


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make me choose
daeggyu asked: N’s red hair or silver hair?

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cr. YB 518% (sr)

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KiBUM appreciation part 2 -end-

I would do the same thing, Jonghyun. 

And also ask for a lap dance.

*Edit: Welp, I had to remove two gifs because they wouldn’t work. I can upload them just fine, but once I posted it they stopped moving. Tumblr seems to be picky. Anyways, the first gif was Key moving his hips on a pole, and the second was Key rocking his hips to Muzik.*

(I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THE GIFS&PICS! I found them on Google so credit goes to the original up-loaders/takers/editors/etc.)

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